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JENJEN'S STORY / 01.08.2017

HI Y'ALL. 2ND BLOG POST IS HERE! ?   After I received the feedback from my "first blog" last week, I was soooooo surprise that a lot of people really DID check out my blog and actually READ my blog.  YASSSS!! THANK YOU ALL again for all the support.  I'm so glad and very happy with the feedback I got because that would keep me motivated to create even more and more- which means more fun stuffs coming! ? Anyway.. let's get into my story today.. (IT IS LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) "WHY I WANT TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER?"   FIRST, WHERE DID IT ACTUALLY START? In the first...

JENJEN'S STORY / 25.07.2017

WELCOME Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!! This is my first time really have a personal blog or website, and it's been awhile since I got this website as a birthday's present from my loved one  <3 which I haven't really updated the "REAL STUFF" till now.. so here it is!! THE FIRST BLOG?! Let me introduce myself so you would get to know me better :D!! WHO AM I? WHO IS JEN?! Hi, I'm Jen, Jennie, Jaijaii, Tuangthip, or whatever you would like to call me! I'm Asian mixed of Thai and Chinese, however, I can only speak Thai and English, but not Chinese. I was born and raised...